Posted by: Stephen Oakman | December 14, 2009

AltNetBeers Cambridge – The Xmas Edition

Tomorrow night (15th December) I’m facilitating AltNetBeers Cambridge hosted at The Tram Depot from 7pm.

We plan on this being a regular monthly event and the AltNetBeers format is a great way of fostering some intense discussion, all driven by the people that come along. I’ve not attended many of the London one’s (actually, only 1, which was part of the Alt.Net UK conference weekend) but it was fantastic and I hope that everyone that attends to tomorrow nights evening will have just as much fun.

We (The Agile Workshop) would also like to facilitate some open coding days as our new offices (more on that later) has the space to be able to do this. I’m aiming to discuss this at some point tomorrow evening to get an initial idea on who might be interested.

So please, if you are free tomorrow evening, come along. It should prove to be a fun evening.


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