Posted by: Stephen Oakman | September 14, 2009

We are giving a talk at Bristol on September 22nd

We are giving a talk at the .NET Developer Network in Bristol on Tuesday September 22nd. The focus of the talk is going to be a hands on TDD session where we will be taking a story and driving through the story using TDD. Along the way we will be showing how tools such as ReSharper really help support this process.

The intention is for this to be very much an audience driven session. Ronnie and myself will be taking on the driver navigator role of a pair and, with the navigator gathering the audiences opinions, direction, questions and feedback we will all drive the story forward.

Our goal is to take a hands on session like this and to capture and expand on the ‘ahha’ moments that come from driving with TDD. A lot of TDD and other techniques, processes and methods are very subtle and work together as a whole. Taking just one of these in isolation often fails to bring real benefits. We hope that by learning with the audience in this way that we can explore how these elements compliment each other.

Given that one of us is called Ronnie Barker I would also hope that we can inject a little humour into the session as well – even if it is a ‘And it’s good night from him’ at the end 🙂



  1. Hi Stephen and Ronnie,

    I’ve put together a bit of a write up from your talk on Tuesday. It’s interesting to read here that you were aiming to “capture and expand on the ‘ahha’ moments that come from driving with TDD”. I’m afraid that you somewhat by-passed many of my TDD-related ‘ahha’ moments. As you’ll see from the article, TDD for me is all about well-designed software, and I would have preferred to have that made much clearer in your talk. Still, it provoked plenty of debate in the car on the way home. Thanks for making the effort to get all the way over to Bristol; I hope that the journey back was much less tortuous.

  2. Hi Steve,

    I attended the meeting in Bristol, and just wondered if you could tell me where you got the plug-in that replaces spaces with ‘_’ (underscores) in your test class/method names?


  3. I would have loved to come, when are you doing this in London area?
    Well done!

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